How the “M-1 Indicator”
Reveals Stocks Set to
Pay 200-300% Gains

Few people know how to read this
one indicator… but those who do
are making upwards of $1k per day

Dear Reader,

It’s not every day you come across a fellow like Rae Dorner.

I mean, you can find successful investors just about anywhere… but not ones that started with paper route money at age 13.

Things started out a touch rough for Rae, but he refused to give up.

And by age 15, he was operating under his own set of investing principles.

Even more incredible, he experienced a HUGE amount of success thanks to a single market indicator that most people don’t understand or ignore.

I call it the “M-1 Indicator” for reasons that will be clear in a moment, and if you know how to properly read it… potential stock market gains are available to you every single day the markets are open.

Just ask Rae Dorner. He now manages $10 billion of other folk’s money thanks to his brilliant track record.

And he doesn’t use fifty different techniques or any crazy computer equipment…

Instead, he primarily uses a single, easy-to-understand signal… the “M-1 Indicator.”

In short, it’s a way for you to make big-time gains (200-300% gains) like clockwork without the constant stress and hardship most investing methods cause.

And that’s what this letter is all about…

I want to clue you in on how to read this indicator… how it could produce ten times the gains you’ve been earning… and why your personal financial freedom could be right around the corner.

In fact, by the time you’ve finished reading today, you’ll have learned:

So, without further delay, let me tell you exactly how this all works and what the “M-1 Indicator” is all about…

What the “M-1 Indicator” can do for you…

Take any investment in the world that you currently know about (or may have used): stocks, bonds, CDs, money market accounts, or IRAs…

And now figure out just how much you’ve made with these sub-standard investment options over the past few years.

Unless you’re pretty lucky (or extremely smart), my guess is you haven’t made nearly what you would have liked.

Well, that’s where the “M-1 Indicator” comes in.

You no longer have to rely solely on deadbeat investments like the ones I just listed.

You see, the “M-1 Indicator” gives you the power to profit by pinpointing which market plays are primed to skyrocket by as much as 100%... 200%... 300%.

So, if you’ve never raked in triple-digit gains while you’re still in your pajamas… get ready. This is your chance.

What’s the secret?

Well, the “M-1 Indicator” is a little-known way that ordinary investors (remember 15-year old Rae Dorner) cut out all of the crazy legwork and narrow down the market to a handful of potentially explosive plays.

In other words… instead of looking at your computer screen and having to decide among 3,000+ publicly traded companies, you’ll have a list of 5-10 companies that probably only a dozen folks countrywide have.

You won’t have to analyze reams of data, use any difficult math formulas, or deal with scads of charts, numbers, or price ranges.

Even better, you don’t even have to understand how the “M-1 Indicator” actually works (which I’ll explain in just a moment).

So, it basically comes down to this: You cut your workload by 95% and wait until the “M-1 Indicator” alerts you to potentially profitable plays.

It’s really that easy.

Not only that, but you’ll have the opportunity to get in before millions of other Americans because you’ll be ten steps ahead of them.

By the time they’ve figured out a play is taking a profit ride, you’ll already have had the chance to be sitting on triple-digit gains.

Let me show you why…

What exactly is the “M-1 Indicator?”

The reason I call it the “M-1 Indicator” is because it’s the primary signal used by investors who’ve gotten rich using something called momentum trading.

Picture it like this:

You wake up in the morning, flip on your computer, and brew some coffee.

While the coffee’s brewing, you check out what’s being reported on various financial channels… and keep an eye open for anything interesting.

You walk back to the computer, spend some time browsing forums, stock sites, and other financial news sites.

Based on this information, and certain things you’ve found, you make up a list of stocks that you believe are trading on momentum – that is, they’re experiencing a surge based on certain market criteria.

Then, after looking at your stocks, you apply something called the momentum indicator, or what I call the “M-1 Indicator.”

And based on what this indicator tells you, you can figure out exactly how to position yourself on the stocks you’ve picked out.

And get this: In most cases, the “M-1 Indicator” will alert you to stocks you would’ve probably never looked at.

That’s the beauty of it.

The “M-1 Indicator” does the bulk of the work for you.

Instead of sorting through thousands of ticker symbols (and making the same old boring plays you might have made in the past), this indicator will pinpoint stocks millions of folks pass over day after day.

And you know what: MILLIONS of dollars are being left on the table instead of investors’ pockets.

And that’s the gist of it.

Now you’ll be on the right side trade after trade instead of hoping your investments go up a few bucks.

You could make upwards up $1,000 per day while you’re drinking your morning coffee.

The trades can happen that fast.

And on top of that, you’ll be in position to bank more triple-digit gains than you probably ever thought possible.

I’m talking several triple-digit gains per year and twice as many double-digit gains.

Imagine raking in at least one double-digit gain per month. What would that do for your current portfolio?

Of course, now that you understand something about how momentum trading works… you can forget everything I’ve said.

Sound strange?

Well, I only say that because you don’t actually have to find any stocks… browse any Internet sites… or even apply the “M-1 Indicator” yourself.

Let me explain…

You May Already Know My Name...

Manny BackusBut in case you dont, let me quickly introduce myself...

My name is Manny Backus.

If youre not familiar with the name, you may have heard about my by reputation.

In investment circles, Im called the "stock trading whiz" or "the untutored prodigy of stock investing."

Ive gained this reputation because my investment returns are unheard of, even among seasoned trading professionals with decades of experience.

And I believe I owe a large part of my success to my chess-playing past.

At one point, I was rigorously trained to become a professional chess player. But when I was a teenager, I became obsessed with online trading. After participating in several stock-picking competitions, I noticed that certain people beat the market consistently.

There were only a handful of these super-traders, but that reaffirmed my belief that there had to be some secret technique to earn money consistently in the stock market.

Thats when I realized my training in the world of chess had given me the tactical ability and power to focus thats needed to beat the markets day in and day out.

You see, chess is part tactics and part ability to focus and remain unemotional. In chess, the player is always trying to challenge himself... to try and guess the next move on the board.

In stock trading, the trader is doing much the same thing... always trying to figure out what stock will move next.

I committed myself to finding out just how to predict those moves with great accuracy.

And that’s why I dedicated my time to learning every nuance of momentum trading.

Thanks to my knowledge of the markets... and the “M-1 Indicator,” Im one of the few traders out there who make money day in and day out.

You see, only 3% of all traders make money consistently. And thanks to lots of hard work and years of market research, I can count myself among that small group.

The thing is, much like Rae Dorner who I introduced you to earlier, I dont use hundreds of different methods and strategies to build my wealth.

I mainly use one simple, easy-to-use secret: The "M-1 Indicator."

And while I can prove to you just how simple it is for you to use... I can also say it took me quite a while to learn how to effectively use this strategy.

You see, if you were to dig into the technical side of things, you’d find momentum trading to be a series of very technical concepts that very few people in the financial industry understand (or even care to use).

Yet, if you know what you’re doing – which I do – momentum trading is one of THE most effective ways to make money in the world.

In my experience, I’ve never made money faster or easier than I have with momentum trading.

The good news is, you dont have to know the slightest thing about any technical indicators or scan the stock markets at all. Im giving you everything you need, today, to start building the mountain of wealth you always dreamed of.

Multiply Your Wealth in Minutes per Day

Let me clue you in on a little secret...

Most financial advisory services out there release dozens of stock picks per day. This way they can claim the winners

But, the fact is, if you were to trade every one of their picks, youd end up losing everything in short order. When it all boils down, theyre actually picking far more losers than winners.

But thats not the case when I use the “M-1 Indicator” in a proprietary way to secure large sums of cash time and time again.

And thats why I use it exclusively through my Momentum Trading Profits advisory service. Its not available anywhere else in the world and it never will be.

I decided to launch this service because I want folks to have access to the fastest, most exciting profit opportunities in the world.

And that happens more in the world of momentum trading than just about anywhere else I can think of.

Not only that, but in my experience, I’ve never seen a momentum trading advisory that uses the techniques (or has the potential for profits) that Momentum Trading Profits offers.

I understand I may be biased, but if this advisory is anything like ones I’ve run in the past… I’ll continue to get emails like these:

You see, I do all the work. Every day, I send out precise instructions on how, when, and why to take action.

I own all the rights to this BRAND NEW service, and once you see the power of it, youll understand why I not only keep it close to my chest... but also why I only ever allow a limited number of people to receive the juicy details on how to use it.

And these are all 100% legit moneymaking opportunities. All you have to do is copy my trades precisely and you will get the same results I get...

AND this strategy doesn’t revolve around anything you don’t understand.

These are NOT options plays… or anything else that you may have avoided in the past.

And remember, Im one of those 3% of traders who actually make a living doing this.

Just follow exactly what I do, and youll know exactly when to buy and when to sell... so theres never a bit of guesswork on your end.

And since all the hard work, research, and analysis is done for you... itll take you 15 minutes, on average, to make your trades and be on your way to certifiable wealth.

Of course, Im not saying all of my trades are winners. That would be impossible. No one on the planet has a perfect track record.

But my batting average - when you consider the monthly performance -- is dramatically higher than any of the other stock-picking services youve probably heard of.

So essentially, what Im saying here, is that all you need to be able to do is read and imitate trades on a regular basis.

Its a no-brainer as far as Im concerned. I cant imagine any situation thats either easier OR more profitable than the "M-1 Indicator.”

Think about it. Doesnt it seem crazy for you to...

And then, even after you do all those things... 99 times out of 100, youre only set up for mediocre gains.

Wouldnt it be easier - and smarter - to just copy the trading activities of a stock investing expert who has a proven track record?

Of course the answer is YES.

So... what exactly does all of this mean for you?

This is NOT for Everyone - Do You Qualify?

Its easy by reading this today, to get caught up in how much money you could make, how easy it is, and all the other great stuff Ive been showing you.

But you must know that this type of trading is for ACTIVE traders only.

You must be willing to move fast when needed. You must have the ability and willingness to get in and out of trades quickly.

This isn’t buying-and-holding where you’ll be sitting on investments for extended periods of time.

Of course, the upside is HUGE profit. In most cases, the faster you’re able to move, the more money you’ll make.

That said, I am going to offer recommendations for both Aggressive AND Conservative traders. So, if you’re on the fence, don’t be afraid that you have to be ready to take action every second of every day.

However, there is a catch you should know about. Chances are you will NOT be able to access the information Ive been telling you about.

You see, as I mentioned earlier, I have no desire to just hand this information out to anyone who asks for it. I have to keep a very strict cap on how many people are using the "M-1 Indicator" at any given time.

In short, the only way you can get this information in your hands is if one of the select spots I have available today is still open.

I allow a maximum of 875 folks in at any given time. Holes rarely open up.

With the results Ive been telling you about, I think its pretty obvious why.

No more spots will be opened and there will be no exceptions.

This is not simply an arbitrary limit either... I have a very good reason for having to cap off the number of folks who get this information.

I fully believe that the effectiveness of any trading strategy - including Momentum Trading Profits- will be greatly diminished if too many people follow it.

And if theres anything I refuse to do... its compromise the excellent track record Ive had over the last 3 years by sending this out to more than the optimum number of people.

So What Happens If You DO Get In?

No matter what your investing preferences, I can tell you what your first week will be like as a Momentum Trading Profits reader...

Its 8:05 a.m. (EST) on Monday. Youve been one of the lucky few who claimed a spot to receive Momentum Trading Profits.

You jump on your laptop and log into the exclusive website (which youll have access to as a Momentum Trading Profits reader.

You take a look around and check out all the features... my portfolio, recent trades, and alerts.

It dawns on you that no matter where you are, or what youre doing, you can follow my trades easily and quickly.

Of course, the market hasnt opened yet because its only 8 a.m., so you go back to work or whatever else you were doing... and you have the urge to monitor the stock market...

Until you recall, "I dont have to do that anymore because Manny is watching the market for me."

You then go about your day as usual, not worrying about your stocks, your portfolio, or your other financial business.

Sure enough, as 8:30 a.m. (EST) rolls around, you receive an e-mail notification via e-mail from me. It alerts you as to what stocks Im ready to take action on.

So, its Monday, and you already have a head start on the week.

And you have a choice: You could copy my trade exactly (which only takes a few minutes), or you could hold off and watch how the stock performs.

You decide to buy XYZ at $15 as per my instructions.

You then watch the stock and get out at $19.00.

You’ve made $4 per share… on ONE play… in less than an hour.

And this could happen EVERY day the markets are open.

On Friday, you receive the Weekly Recap, telling you which stocks Ive bought or sold during the week. You can compare my transactions with yours.

Its now the end of the week. The market has closed, and youve made one or two transactions that took you less than 15 minutes total. Your trading didnt disrupt your schedule, nor did it take you away from work, family, friends, or the things you love to do.

Because everything seems so simple, you begin to wonder if your trades will really amount to anything. After all, how many times have to run into anything so easy, yet so potentially profitable?

Every week of the month, you continue to do the same thing. You receive 8 notifications from me like clockwork - Mondays at 8:30 a.m. (EST), and Fridays at 4:30 p.m. (EST).

And remember, 15 minutes per day is all it ever takes.

Life is good!

You begin to realize how much money you really stand to make... enough to travel, to golf more, or to buy that new car youve been eyeing up.

Heck, you can even follow my instructions while youre at the beach.

Youll never have doubts about when to buy or sell again with advice like this.

As the weeks and months go by, you realize that youre finally earning the kind of investment returns youve only ever dreamed about. You smile as you start calculating how much you would earn if these kinds of returns continue month after month - and your investment compounds over time.

Could stock trading really be this easy?

The answer is YES!

Ok, back to reality for a second now... but I think you see just how easy and profitable Momentum Trading Profits stands to be. Heck, I showed you the words of my readers just a bit ago... so as Ive said before, this is an absolute no-brainer.

But of course, people always want hard figures...

Exactly How Much Money Can You Make?

Now that you know how Momentum Trading Profits actually works, let me show you how dramatically it can help skyrocket your net worth.

And Im not going to rehash past examples of stocks that have already shot up 5,000% and claim you can make those kinds of gains consistently... Im going to show you what you actually stand to make in real life.

As I showed you before, I cant make any actual promises about what you will make. But I can show you, in a real life scenario, how much you could make should you copy my trades on a weekly basis.

I've put the calculator in below so can calculate any variety of gains...

For instance, if you start out with just $15,000 - and you make 8% per month by following my trades - that would result in a total year-end cash-out of $22,772.

Thats right. Youd have made an extra $22,000 in just a single year...

Of course, you may start with less... or have a more conservative gain rate in mind. Either way, feel free to insert any numbers you like and see how it works out.

Your Earnings Calculator
(no commas) Initial Investment $
(monthly) Rate of Return %
Number of Months
Your Initial Investment Would Grow to this Amount $
Your Net Earnings
(Compounded) $

When youre done calculating, take a look at the bottom line - Your Net Earnings.

You could potentially earn that amount of cash (or more) when you simply copy each and every trade that I make.

Of course, even having shown you all of this...

I know you have one big question in mind...

Whats This All Going to Cost Me?

As you may have guessed, it’s tough to put an actual value on something like Momentum Trading Profits.

I mean, what’s the value of achieving extraordinary returns on your investment without having to go through any kind of learning curve, or spending hundreds of hours on research, or trying to make sense of complex investment scenarios?

In other words, this is not merely an advisory service… it’s an improvement in the quality of your life and the size of your bank account.

In just several minutes per day, you stand to reap rewards like few investors out there, and you don’t even have to know a thing.

In fact, you could very well end up joining those elite 3% of savvy investors who actually make money trading day in and day out.

On top of that, I’ll ask you to recall the number that came up on the calculator for you a few minutes ago… the one where you found out how much you stand to make as a Momentum Trading Profits reader.

Was it $12,000? $30,000? $50,000?

Either way, I know it had to be way more than you’re earning now on your investments.

So how much would you charge for something like Momentum Trading Profits?

I know brokers and stock analysts who charge out the wazoo for their services, and they don’t perform half as well as mine do. And they have the moxy to charge up to $50,000 per year just for access to their picks.

That said, I know I could charge a small fortune for Momentum Trading Profits… but I wouldn’t dream of doing that.

But before I tell you how much I do charge... let me quickly fill you in on something Id like to send you, should you decide to join forces with Momentum Trading Profits...

A FREE Gift for You

If youre serious about becoming a Momentum Trading Profits reader, then I have something I know youre going to love...

Its a quick-start guide for the service.

Rather than just leave you to your own devices, I’m going to send you a complete guide on how to use my service profitably.

Now, this isn’t a guide on the intricacies of momentum trading… this is a guide that will allow you to get as much out of Momentum Trading Profits as possible.

I want you to make as much money as you can.

And it’s 100% free to you.

All you have to do is take advantage of todays offer to become a Momentum Trading Profits member, and this kit will be sent out to you immediately.

Of course, I know youd like to get back to the matter of cost...

Well, as I told you earlier, I dont charge anywhere near what some other folks charge for their services.

Instead, to make sure my 875 MomentumTrading Profits spots are always filled, I decided to charge a mere $147.00 per month. That’s it.

A mere $147.00 per month.

Now, remember that number you saw on the calculator (your potential earnings with Momentum Trading Profits)? I’m willing to bet that figure alone was about 10 times higher than what I’m even charging for the service.

That’s why I don’t think there’s a better investment to be made anywhere in the world.

But I don’t have to tell you that it’s worth every penny. I’ve shown you multiple times just how big of an impact Momentum Trading Profits could have on your life.

Imagine… just a single trade from my service could make you enough money to pay for your subscription fee many times over.

But remember…

Only a Few Spots Remain

As I’ve said a few times now, I can only let a total of 875 people in on Momentum Trading Profits. No more than that, ever. Period.

As I write this, I’m positive spots are already filling up.

Not only that, but the $147/month price I just told you about…

Well, it stands to change in the very near future.

Along with the rising costs of running a publishing business, my colleagues have urged me time and time again to adjust the price of Momentum Trading Profits to a much more reasonable $299 per month.

That’s more than twice what I’m currently charging.

Im not exactly sure what Ill charge in the coming months, but I can tell you that the low price of $147 per month is going to be history soon enough.

However, by signing up now, you lock in the current price for as long as you choose to receive Momentum Trading Profits (no matter how high I may raise the price in the future).

You’ll only pay the rock bottom price while new members (if there are even any spots open) will pay twice your rate.

And if you think that’s good… check out my new and improved guarantee.

You’ll Want to Read This Part

This is a risk-free, no-obligation decision for you today…

And that’s because your Momentum Trading Profits membership is backed by…

My Personal 100%
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Listen, I want you to be as confident as I am and many of my members are.

But just in case you have any lingering doubts, I want to make it foolproof for you.

Become a member today, and get a username and password to access the MomentumTrading Profits private website, get my daily trading alerts, and see what it’s all about.

If you’re not completely convinced Momentum Trading Profits is worth the price of admission many times over, simply let me know within 30 days.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

All you have to do is let me know you’re not satisfied and you’ll receive every penny back.

I’ll offer your spot to someone else, and we part as friends. It’s that simple and risk-free.

With that kind of no-obligation guarantee, I don’t see how you couldn’t at least want to give it a try…

As you know, I’m offering Momentum Trading Profits to a maximum of 875 subscribers because I want to avoid unduly influencing the market with too many orders being place simultaneously.

By the time you decide you want to participate, I’m not certain how many would have already signed up, or whether the maximum number of subscribers would have already been reached.

But, if you join right now, you’re position will be locked in for 30 days so you can check out the website, look at my plays, test my alerts, and whatever else you need to do to decide if Momentum Trading Profits is right for you.

And if the potential profits and weekly alerts aren’t enough… I’ve decided to up the ante one last time here.

But I’ll warn you… this last bonus is extremely time sensitive.

Available for the Next 24 Hours

For the next 24 hours, I’m offering a one-time, special bonus for those that sign up for Momentum Trading Profits.

Should you decide this service is something you’d like to try, and you do so in the next 24 hours, you’ll receive three FREE gifts.

Let me quickly show you what they are:

FREE GIFT #1:  "The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Traders

If you’re not achieving the results you deserve in the market, don’t worry … I’ll let you in on “The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Traders.” You see, through my experience, I’ve discovered that top traders around the world actually leave clues to their success.

These clues, if followed correctly, will guide you through the minefields of the markets and lead you to trading success. Unfortunately, there are only two ways to learn these lessons, either by the “School of Hard Knocks” which is both expensive and time consuming, or you can discover them in this book.

It will give you the blueprints you need to follow to achieve success in the markets.

FREE GIFT #2:  "The Trader's Mind"

If you have been trading for more than 5 minutes you know that a large part of your success or failure as a trader is psychological. This great little book will give you a greater understanding into what you should be thinking when trading. Read it and it will change the way you trade forever.

FREE GIFT #3:  "The Power and the Profit of the S-Curve"

The essence of all stock trading is boiled down to this essential, visual pattern. This pattern is repeated every day in the stock market and once you see it, youll never forget it. A great introduction to stock trading using technical indicators, whether youre a beginner or an experienced trader.

These free bonuses are yours to keep no matter what you decide. Even should you cancel within the30 day trial period, these are yours to keep.

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive…

For the next 24 hours, I’m offering a one-time, special bonus for those that sign up for Momentum Trading Profits.

So lets summarize what youll be getting when you sign up for a Momentum Trading Profits membership.

Immediately after becoming a member, youll receive:

Now, Here Comes the Tricky Part…

By the time you finish reading this in a couple moments, there’s no telling how many people have already pulled the trigger and joined Momentum Trading Profits

The cap of 875 may have been reached already, it may not have been.

I would feel terrible if you respond too late, but as I’ve said over and over, there will never be an extension. Once all slots are filled, Momentum Trading Profits will be put on lockdown.

And since you’ve read this far, I assume you have a good deal of interest in generating extraordinary returns on your investments.

Right now, you have the key to your future in front of you. When you partner with me and become a member of Momentum Trading Profits, you could start earning extraordinary investment returns in as little as a day.

And remember, you have a full 30 days to test it out... to make sure its right for you.

Now, theres only one question left to ask:

How many times in your life will you get the opportunity to have a stock trading master be willing to let you copy, trade for trade, every move he makes in his portfolio?

I can assure you this will be the only time. This opportunity will never come your way again. And when all the subscription slots are filled, thats it. No exceptions. MomentumTrading Profits will be locked.

For your sake, I hope you choose the path that will change your life - and your net worth - forever.

Subcribe Now - Only 875 slots are available.

Heres to your trading success,

Manny Backus, WealthPire Inc.
3435 Ocean Park Blvd. Suite 107-334
Santa Monica, CA 90405

P.S. Remember, I will be accepting only 875 subscribers. Therefore, I urge you to make your reservation now. If history is any indicator, plenty of these spots have already been filled.


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