How The World's Best Traders Are Beating The Stock Market... TODAY!

beat the stock market
  • Used to set the world record for the largest percent change in a single year - 29,233% - for a personal portfolio. The guy who did this was a swimming pool contractor...
  • Verified by researchers at the University of Chicago to generate positive stock market returns in any time frame...
  • Perfect for regular traders who want quick and consistent profits... without... all the hard work of picking stocks...

Dear Trader,

If you would like to know how an ordinary working "stiff" can take less than $11,000... and... turn it into $42,000,000 in trading profits in under three years... then this is going to be the most interesting message you will ever read.

Here is why: Way back in 1998 Dan Zanger was eking out a living as a swimming pool contractor in Beverly Hills. In a good year he'd clear around $50,000.

Then he had an idea. He sold his Porsche and decided to trade stocks. He started in May of 1998 with a small stake of $10,775. By May of 1999 his investment...

Gained 29,233% And Still Stands As The World Record For One-Year Personal Portfolio Appreciation In The History Of The Stock Market!

Dan Zanger

Dan wasn't through yet.

He continued parleying his gains into more active trades. A few months later he set another world record. This time for the largest percent change for a personal portfolio in an 18-month period.

Within three short years, Dan's trading fortune ballooned to over $42,000,000!

Of course, it begs the question:

"What did Dan Zanger do to make so much money so quickly trading stocks?"

Especially since he was just an ordinary everyday guy with no formal training or experience.

Well, to answer that question, you need to understand this...

As far as we know, only three investing strategies account for all stock market returns.

The first of these is... Value Investing.


The most famous value investor is, of course, Warren Buffet. Value investing is a simple and proven way to make money in stocks.

You find companies undervalued when compared to their actual ability to turn a profit. You buy shares in those companies. You wait to see the share prices rise as the companies grow and turn higher profits.

Let's pretend you were born in 1919. Your grandparents - Ma and Pa Jenkins - bought one share of Coca Cola stock for you at $40. The split adjusted value of that single share... with dividends reinvested... would be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $8.7-million by 2011. Nice neighborhood!

Oh... and your one share would have grown to 129,000 shares. And you'd also be getting about $242,000 in annual dividend payments.

The downside of value investing is you have to wait it out. Sometimes decades. While riding the inevitable ups and downs of the market.

If the companies you invest in last, you could end up with a hefty portfolio.

Of course, you might be too old to do anything with the money... but... that's another issue altogether.

The second is... Small Cap Investing.

Another simple and tested concept. You buy smaller companies with high growth potential. As they become bigger companies their share prices go up too.

You don't have to wait as long with small caps to see a profit. But if you don't pick the right ones you'll lose money faster as well.


Pretend a fictional company named Pimples-B-Gone, Inc. comes out with a real cure for... um... pimples. The company is tiny with a market cap of $400-million. Any company under a $2-billion cap is generally considered small.

Because of its size, Pimples-B-Gone, Inc. is not on the radar of any of the big institutional traders. So it goes unnoticed by just about everyone.

Share prices sell for $7 or so.

You get in on the bottom and buy a boatload of cheap shares.

Word spreads about the product. Since it works, pimple-faced teens buy it in droves. Investors take notice. They begin pouring hundreds of millions into Pimples-B-Gone, Inc. The result is share prices skyrocket to $21 in a year.

You sell and make 300% on your investment. Or you could sell sooner and make less. Or you could wait and hold on while share prices continue spiking.

The point is you get faster and often bigger returns. That's the basic idea anyway. In fact, you could use this strategy as an income-generator in the short term.

Value Investing and Small Cap Investing have been around for decades. They account for 90% of stock market returns. The other 10% was a mystery until the mid-1990's. It's based on a variation of what Dan Zanger did to become a multi-millionaire trader.

Money Pile

University of Chicago Researchers Uncover The Third Factor To Stock Market Profits!

Professors Eugene Fama and Kenneth French began a detailed analysis of stock market data in the 1980's.

They developed a model which explained how value and small cap investing beat the overall stock market. Yet they were unable to figure out the last piece of the puzzle.

That is until one of Fama's understudies - Mark Carhart - used the university's stocks database to do a little testing of his own.

Almost by accident, Carhart stumbled upon the concept of...

... Momentum Investing.

Which explains the final 10% of stock market returns. After decades of being in the dark, we now know the only three ways to make money in the stock market.

What's more, with momentum investing you can profit from short, medium and long term time frames. You can trade momentum daily, weekly, monthly or whatever.


Manny Backus, CEO
Wealthpire, Inc.
(An Inc. 500 company.)

I'll explain how momentum works but first let me introduce myself.

My name is Manny Backus.

I first got interested in the stock market as a teenager living in Lima, Peru.

At the time, I had my sights set on becoming a champion chess player. My natural ability and off-the-charts I.Q. of 157 were on my side.

But I became obsessed with trading stocks after excelling in several stock picking competitions. I knew I had what it takes to find money making winners.

By the time I was 19-years-old, I was trading with real money and started my first alert service.

The picks I recommended averaged 12.65% returns PER MONTH... or... 151.8% returns PER YEAR. Pretty good but I knew I could do better.

So I continued honing my stock picking skills to figure out how to...

Make As Much Money Trading Stocks As Fast As Possible!

I devoted several years to studying and testing cutting-edge trading systems. Spent over $40,000 creating a proprietary chart analyzing tool.

Finally, I was picking winners up to 70.1% of the time. Average daily returns on my trading capital (after broker commissions) was 1%. Which means I was making 225% average yearly returns.

Subscribers of my alert services were overjoyed. They were making money hand over fist by following my alerts and trading blueprints for each play.


Over the past decade, I've introduce more than 150,000 people to my active trading strategies. The proprietary systems I've developed or discovered find big profit producing stocks during every part of the trading day... during both favorable and volatile market conditions... and whether prices surge up or drop like a lead balloon.

No matter what, I know how to turn almost any play into positive returns within a few days to a few weeks. As a result, my company Wealthpire, Inc. is now on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing companies in America.

But I've gotta tell you...

I've never seen anything as consistently profitable as momentum trading.

It is perhaps...

The Perfect Way For The Little Guy To Make Serious Profits As An Active Trader!

Momentum trading describes the buying and selling force behind a price move.

A "body" in motion tends to stay in motion. So do stock prices. A stock surging up tends to keep surging. A stock dropping down tends to keep dropping.

The two components of momentum trading are: (1) a rapid price move... and... (2) high volume support. Once a price starts moving... and... a bunch of investors plow money into the stock... the price keeps on moving in the same general direction.

For the most part, that is the strategy Dan Zanger used. In an interview with FORTUNE, Zanger said, "I trade whatever the market is going to push up the most."

He relies on the same process today.

Now there are a variety of ways (a.k.a. "systems") for trading momentum. Zanger's is one 99% of regular traders couldn't follow in a million years.

I'll tell you why in just a bit.

Before I spill the beans, I think it's important you understand why my style of momentum trading is a high-profit, low-risk strategy:

  • #1: You're finding the small cap stocks overlooked by most traders. These stocks "run-up" higher and faster than any others. After all, it's much easier for a $3 stock to go to $6... than... for a $100 stock to jump to $200. You'll have little competition. Institutional investors won't pay attention to them. Main Street investors won't know about them.

  • #2: You choose the small cap stocks which are going up MORE THAN other stocks. In other words, not just any stocks will do. Only stocks with the biggest, most recent gains make for the best momentum trades. Keep this in mind...

    "Stocks outperforming the market tend to keep outperforming the market in the future."

And finally...

  • #3: You "bet" on the most likely winners by going with an established trend and not against it.

It's kind of like this: You and I decide to go to the race track. Every one else there will have to place their bets ahead of the race.

Horse Race

Not you. Due to my insider connections, you can wait to place your bet after the race starts. Usually, the fastest horses win. We've done our homework and we know which horses are, in fact, the fastest today.

So we sit down and wait for the race to begin. When you see one of your favorites breaking away from the pack then... and only then... do you place your bet.

You'd win a lot more than you'd lose if you could bet on horse races that way. That's what you can do with momentum trading.

Bet On The Winners As They Are PROVING Themselves To Be Winners!

Not before you know.

Something else to consider: And this is really worth writing down...

The biggest gains for individual stocks happen when investors realize they underestimated the profit potential for a company.

Those are the "set ups" I prefer.

Because it puts the odds of picking profit-rich stocks squarely on your shoulders. You don't need tons of these trades to make eye-popping gains in a short period of time.

Imagine it's 9:00 a.m.

You're driving to work and pass Amalgamated-Gigantic Bank as it opens its doors. It's just a plain old ordinary day. Nothing unusual is going on. You enter your office building and go about your daily routine.

$100 dollar bill

In the mean time, people are streaming into the bank and waiting to see the tellers.

What nobody knows is this...

Before the bank opened, the tellers were instructed by the bank manager to give each customer a fresh new $100-bill just for coming in.

Patrons are overjoyed and walk out of the bank with a big smile on their face.

It's now 11:00 a.m. You've got to make the morning bank deposit. As you walk out of the office building you can't believe your eyes. A long line is snaking around the block. The line leads right to the front doors of Amalgamated-Gigantic Bank.


Thousands of people are waiting to get in. What happened? All those happy customers showed their friends and co-workers the $100-bill they got from the bank.

When those people realized Amalgamated-Gigantic Bank would put money in their pockets they made a mad rush to get their own $100.

I think that's a good way of explaining how profit-hungry investors swarm into undervalued companies... once... they get wind of the profit potential they've been missing out on.

Since volume increases rapidly... so does... the price of the stock.

Now look, so far I've told you how and why momentum trading can make regular traders a lot of money. But I haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet.

You see, first I need to make sure you understand...

Why Most Traders Will Never Make A Dime When They Try This...

Hate to burst your bubble... but... it's time for a reality check.

The truth is momentum trading - as profitable as it is - requires an enormous amount of research, analysis and technical expertise.

For instance, Dan Zanger would sit for hours at a time glued to five computers. He'd scroll through something like over 800 stocks to find the needle in the haystack.


Then he'd run each stock through various charts to pinpoint patterns worth trading.

Zanger says he's spent well over 10,000 hours watching the markets, analyzing individual stocks, charting patterns and generally immersing himself in trading.

Let's face facts, most regular traders can't be expected to give up their lives to learn how to trade stocks. It's not practical for the majority of people. But it's what needs to be done in order to find and capitalize on the best momentum stocks.

With that in mind, there is...

A Better Way To Turn This Trading Strategy Into
A Cash-Generating Machine!

I've come across a different way to find the hottest momentum trades the market has to offer. The great thing about it is it requires...

  • NO... time-consuming stock research!

  • NO... babysitting the market all day long!

  • NO... staring at computer screens until your eyes glaze over!

  • NO... figuring out chart patterns or technical indicators!

  • NO... analyzing companies, financial reports or anything!

Wait... it gets even better...

You don't even have to figure out which stocks to buy, when to buy them... or... when to sell to lock in maximum gains!

How is this possible? Glad you asked. Remember how I said earlier I develop and discover proven trading systems that work in any market?

Well, I recently came across a man who... as far as I'm concerned... is perhaps the best momentum trader on the planet.

Meet Mike Sankowski

michael sankowski

Mike Sankowski

Mike is one of the most accomplished traders in the world.

He's worked with major institutional players in the most prominent financial markets. And he has developed proprietary trading products being used on Futures Exchanges.

He has placed more than 100,000 trades worth billions of dollars.

Now Mike has developed a scientifically-based momentum trading process designed for individual investors.

Keep reading for all the details...

Mike Sankowski has lived in the trenches of the markets for almost 20 years.

He's traded billions of dollars in over 60 financial markets worldwide. Placed over 100,000 trades in his long and distinguished career.

He's dominated the markets as a hedge fund player in London... as a market maker in Chicago... and as a trader for major financial institutions on four continents.

Leading publications featuring his expertise include:


The Financial Times... Seeking Alpha... Absolute Wealth... Yahoo Finance... MSN... and Agora Publishing among others.

Mike is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst... with... a background in physics and quantitative mathematics.

He even holds a U.S. patent pending (#20090210336) for a trading process. Products he's created are being used right now on Futures Exchanges.

What impressed me most was this...

Mike has developed a super-fast program (using the programming language "R") to uncover momentum stocks. The same program also sifts and sorts potential plays. A list of the top candidates in many time frames is generated.

So the program...

Picks The Top 1% Of Stocks Most
Likely To Become Huge Gainers!

Try doing this on your own and it's an impossible task.

First, you'd have to find all the stocks that qualify as momentum plays. As of this writing, about 5,600 stocks exist in the U.S. alone. Then you'd have to figure out how to rank those stocks. Then you'd have to determine which plays to kick off the list.

Many stocks that behave like momentum plays are not.

We call those "false positives."

Choose the wrong ones and you'll lose money.

Finally, you'd have to determine the right trading strategy for each play. When to enter. When to exit. (Note: The program puts each active play through five tests. When a play fails even one test it gets kicked out instantly.) What to do if the trade turns against your position. All tough decisions you'd better know how to handle.

Way too much work for regular traders. Without this program you could spend days on end on just one of these crucial tasks.

But don't worry...

You don't have to endure any of the struggle to find the best picks. Because you can profit from momentum stocks by joining my new alert service...


Momentum Trading Profits

"The Key To Beating The Stock Market!"

Momentum Trading Profits is an exclusive alert service.

A limited number of active traders are allowed in at any one time. I understand even active traders have different temperaments. Some are more cautious than others.

So the service delivers recommendations for both an aggressive and conservative trading style. In either case, members receive the following:

Email Alrt
  • Monday "Hot Play" Alerts: Every Monday at 8:30 a.m. (EST) you get up-to-the-minute momentum stock recommendations for the week. You will be notified via email which momentum stocks are on the radar.

  • Momentum Trading Blueprints: Once your membership is accepted, an email is sent with a username and password. This gives you instant access to the member's only website. Inside you will find the trading strategy and blueprints to profit from the "Hot Play" alerts. Simply copy the trades and make money.

  • Quick Start Profit Guide: You'll find this PDF book in the member's area. You'll discover how to get the most from your membership... and... maximize your profits at the same time.

  • Friday Weekly Summary: Every Friday at 4:30 p.m. (EST) an email will be sent with a review of the week's trading activity. The email goes over a few key points to keep your trades on track for big gains.

Plus, new subscribers also get...

  • Free Report #1: "The 7 Habits Of Highly Successful Traders" Top traders leave clues to their success. There are seven habits the best traders in the world develop. If you know what they are and develop them in yourself, they will lead you to trading success too. You'll find out everything once you read this report.

  • Free Report #2: "The Trader's Mind" Your success or failure as a trader is 90% psychological. This great little book gives you a solid understanding into what you should be thinking when trading. Read it and it will change the way you trade forever.

  • Free Report #3: "The Power and the Profit of the S-Curve" The essence of all stock trading boils down to this visual pattern. The pattern repeats every day in the stock market. Once you see it, you'll never forget it. This report is a great introduction to trading using technical indicators. Crucial info for beginners and seasoned traders.

The Free Bonus Reports (a total value of $89.85) are yours to keep no matter what.

Hold on! There's more...

I convinced Mike to put his system into a complete course. At first he balked. He didn't want 20-years worth of his knowledge to become public domain.

We reasoned things out and he came to the same conclusion as me.

Anyone who becomes a subscriber to his alert service should understand how the trading system works. We agreed only subscribers would receive the course for now.

In the near future we may put it on the market for at least $3,995.

However, if you subscribe (and are accepted) to the alert service today... then... you will get a...

Free Copy Of Mike Sankowski's Proprietary System For Mastering Momentum Trading!

When it comes to trading momentum, Mike's the best there is. At least as far as I'm concerned. He knows what he's doing and has a process that's second to none.

Subscribe to Momentum Trading Profits and you'll discover this process for yourself. Then, if you ever decide to go at it alone, you'll have in your possession a proven system.

I'm amazed just how much Mike revealed.


He explains his trading philosophy in detail. He outlines the exact steps for finding potential momentum plays. He shows you how to rank each play from best to worst.

He tells you which stocks never to pick. How to determine the best entry points. How to exit with the most gains... even when... the market goes against your position.

From what I can tell, Mike held nothing back!

The system consists of...

  • 5 video DVD's walking you through each step of Mike Sankowski's momentum trading process. You'll watch as Mike explains the insider secrets to making fortunes from momentum stocks most traders don't even know about.

  • 5 audio CD's which reinforce the profit-rich wisdom behind this amazing system. I encourage you to watch the DVD's and then listen to the CD's to absorb as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.

  • 2 manuals bursting at the seams with even more profit-producing secrets. I challenge anyone to watch, listen and read these manuals and not have their heart racing at the money-making opportunities momentum stocks present.

  • Special system quick start guide which boils down the essentials of how Mike finds, tracks and trades the big gainers among the best momentum stocks in the market.

You get all this and more as part of your Trial Subscription to the alert service.

Should you join Momentum Trading Profits or not?

Consider this before you make up your mind either way...

The regular subscription is $147/month... or... $1,764 for one year.

We've had hundreds of traders pay that much. But for a limited time, the next 350 new subscribers can secure a spot (and all the free bonuses and perks) and...

... save up to $814.

Here's The No Risk,
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Way To Make Sure This Is
Right For You...

Subscribe today to Momentum Trading Profits without risk or obligation.

Your investment in a one-year subscription is just $950. That's a generous 46% OFF the regular subscription... and... a full $814 SAVINGS!

On the other hand, if it's easier on you, split up the investment into three payments of $367 each. You still save $663 off the regular subscription price.

So you WIN either way...

You risk nothing by taking us up on a 60-Day Trial Subscription. This way you can test the waters and see if the alert service is everything I've said or not.

When you sign up, you will get ALL of the benefits above... even though... you have zero obligation to continue with the service beyond the trial period.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You get all of the alerts, the trading blueprints, full member access, the profit guide, weekly summaries, free bonus reports... and... Mike Sankowski's system sent to your front door for your review.

If you don't like the alert service for any reason no problem. Just return Mike's system to us before your 60-day trial is up... and... you'll receive a complete refund.

Keep the alerts and bonus reports with my compliments.

I don't think you'll want to drop out because...

You Could Make More In The First 30 Days Of The Trial Than The Investment In An Entire Year's Subscription!

(NOTE: Your subscription may be tax deductible. Check with your tax professional.)

I kid you not!

Earlier I showed you how 10 trades turned into almost $61,000 in less than 2-1/2 months. That comes out to about $30,000 per month.

But what if you made only 1/10th of that?

You'd still have banked around $3,000 in the first 30 days of the trial.

More than an entire year's subscription!

It happens all the time. And it can happen for you too.

The reason I decided to offer a 60-Day Trial Subscription is because I want every new subscriber to have MORE THAN enough time to make money.

Fact is almost every single subscriber makes money. The ones who don't either are "paper trading" the picks... or... do not follow the blueprints. Everyone else is cashing in on the weekly alerts sent out.

That's because the alerts are right on the money!

There's another reason: I am careful about qualifying subscribers. The subscriber "cap" for this special offer is just 350. Which means, I am turning down way more people than will get accepted.

Not only does the alert service have to be right for you... but... you have to be right for the alert service.

That's because most traders find a way to lose money... even when... they get accurate picks from top analysts. I have no idea how that happens. But it does.

Maybe they're just plain scared. Maybe they have a tough time making a decision. (More on that later.) Maybe they can't follow simple directions.

Who knows?

What I do know is you must have these three things... IF... you want to make huge profits with the alerts I'll send out:

  • MONEY: You need $5,000 (or more) to make any real money trading the alerts. What's more, if you have to mortgage your kid's bicycle, get a loan from a sleazy "loan shark"... or... in any way shape or form do anything drastic to scrape up the money to trade... then... I'm afraid this is not for you.

  • TIME: You need about 15 to 20 minutes a day to visit the member's area on our website. Plus, you need to spend some of this time monitoring the trades you entered based upon the recommendations. If 15 minutes out of your day is too much... then again... you should pass.

  • MATURITY: Like I showed you earlier, the majority of the picks bring home the bacon. However, some picks never materialize or become losers. You need to wrap your head around this possibility. Not every trade will make money. The sooner you get over that the more money you'll make.

I think I covered all the bases. If you qualify this could be the best financial move you'll ever make. Think about it: You could be on the path to total financial freedom.

You can get the alerts anywhere. All you'll need is an Internet connection, a basic brokerage account and the ability to receive email. And you could make a small fortune trading stocks in just 15 minutes a day from any location on earth.

It's Easy To Get Started Today...

Let's think this through: How can you know for sure if this is right for you or not? Is it possible I've missed something while explaining how all this works?

I thought about this a lot and here's what I think you should know...

  • You get to test-drive the alert service for 60 days without risk or obligation.

  • You get up to a full $814 discount off the regular full year subscription price.

  • You get all of the hot stock alerts for the entire trial period.

  • You could make more during the trial than the investment in the advisory.

  • You get Mike's complete and proprietary momentum trading system for free.

  • You could qualify for a tax deduction on the subscription investment.

  • You are completely safe with my generous 100% full money back guarantee.

One thing's for sure: The limited 350 spots will go fast. It's very likely if you don't make a decision now... when you come back... the advisory will be sold out.

Donald Trump once said...

"I'm most impressed with someone who can make a decision."

Smart investors - who can see an opportunity like this from a mile away - will jump at the chance to try out this advisory. Don't get left out in the rain.

I think the decision is pretty cut-and-dry.

Join now.
Get all the benefits with nothing to lose.
And start making real money as
a trader from now on...



Manuel Backus, CEO
WealthPire, Inc.

P.S. Keep in mind only 350 spots are available to new subscribers at the discounted price. This offer may not be repeated in the future. By joining today, you take advantage of all the benefits mentioned... and... you have a chance to finally beat the stock market on a consistent basis...


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